The Communication Toolkit: A Catalyst for Employer – and Employee – Engagement to Get Quality Health Care

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Length: Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes

The webinar highlighted how three different organizations – a business health coalition, a public employer, and a community-based organization – have used The Communication Toolkit to develop successful partnerships and improve the quality of care in their communities while lowering or maintaining health care costs.

Pam Dardess, MPH, American Institutes for Research
Cristie Travis, Memphis Business Group on Health
John Gallagher, Puget Sound Health Alliance
Brooke Bascom, Health Reform Program Communications Director at King County, WA
Summer Boslaugh, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation

Recorded: June 19, 2012.

Implementing the Communication Toolkit: Lessons from the real world

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Length: Approximately 58 minutes

This webinar introduces the updated Communication Toolkit and highlight lessons learned from an 18-month collaborative project with six California health care purchasers, each of whom implemented the Toolkit in different ways. This webinar provides:

  • An overview of the revised Communication Toolkit and new content.
  • Practical tips and guidance for using the Communication Toolkit based on the lessons learned from collaborative organizations.
  • First-hand accounts from two of the collaborative organizations about their experiences adapting, working with, and disseminating the Communication Toolkit materials.

Kristin Carman, PhD, American Institutes for Research
Pam Dardess, MPH, American Institutes for Research
Jessica McCarthy, Director of Federal Employee Program (FEP), Blue Shield of California
Roxanne Wolfe, Health Benefits Administrator, Paramount

Recorded: December 8, 2010.

Test driving your workforce communications: How to identify and respond to your workers’ information needs

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Length: Approximately 54 minutes

This webinar presents strategies for gathering feedback from employees and members to develop communication materials. The presenters explain how you can use interviews to gather reactions from the intended audience and inform the development of materials. You will learn how this kind of testing can answer critical questions about your messages and materials:

  • Do your messages and materials address topics that are important to employees or members?
  • Do employees or members interpret them as intended?

Speakers: Kristin Carman, PhD, and Pam Dardess, MPH, from the American Institutes for Research
Recorded: July 30, 2009.
Note: This webinar was recorded prior to the launch of a redesigned Communication Toolkit website in Fall 2010. As a result, a few of the slides include screenshots from the original website instead of the current version.

The webinar includes examples from the Communication Toolkit to highlight how getting feedback from intended users shaped the development process.