Educating Employees To Make Smart Decisions: Customizable Resources


As an employer, you want to make sure that your company and your employees are getting the most for everyone’s health care dollars. The resources listed below are designed to help employers begin a conversation with their employees about informed health care decision making. Employers are free to adapt these materials as needed to reflect their individual circumstances, policies, and purchasing strategies.

The GETTING SMARTER ABOUT HEALTH CARE resources lay out three things employees can do to seek out and get the best care, treatments, and health care providers. They also show how employers and employees can work together to get the absolute best health care for everyone’s money. 

Getting Smarter about Health Care − T O G E T H E R (PowerPoint presentation)

This sample presentation discusses the ways in which health care is changing, the forces driving those changes, and what employees and employers can do to maintain good health and get good care.

Potential use:  Present to employees at the start of a new benefit year or calendar year, or during employee onboarding.

Why is Our Company Talking About Getting Smarter About Health Care…and Why Should I Care? – Frequently Asked Employee Questions and Answers (Word®)

This one-page handout offers answers to four questions that employees may have for their employers after hearing the presentation:

  • Why is the company is talking about “getting smarter” about health care?
  • What does “getting smarter” mean for the company?
  • What does “getting smarter” about health care mean for me?
  • What’s the bottom line?

Potential use:  Distribute as a handout to accompany the PowerPoint presentation.

Getting Smarter About Health Care:  Three Steps You Can Take– Employee Tip Sheet (Word®)

This one-page handout suggests actions that employees can take to identify high-performing health care providers, better understand their health care needs, and choose the treatment options that are best for them.

Potential use:  Use as a handout to help answer employees’ questions or include in the invitation to the “Getting Smarter” presentation to provide context.