Topic 1: Tips for getting good quality care


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Tips on what to do before your health care appointment


Gives practical tips to help patients prepare for an appointment. (4 pages)


Tips on what to do during your health care appointment


Gives tips on what to bring along to an appointment and how to communicate effectively with a health care provider. Urges patients to be assertive about asking questions and getting answers. (3 pages)


Tips for following through on treatment and managing your health


Discusses the need to be careful when starting a new treatment or medication. Offers tips on learning more about a health condition or treatment. Discusses how people who have chronic health conditions can learn about ways to stay healthy and get support that they need. (3 pages)


Summary of tips for getting good quality health care before, during, and after a health care appointment


One-page overview of what patients can do to make their health care appointments more successful. Includes links to the three companion documents (listed above) that provide more detailed discussion of these tips. (1 page)


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