Communication Materials

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Download a sample PowerPoint presentation and one-page handouts that you can use to talk with employees about making smart decisions about their health care. 


Topic 1: Tips for getting good quality care (4 documents)

These materials introduce consumers to the importance of being involved in their own health care with a series of tips for getting good quality care before, during, and after health care appointments.


Topic 2: Finding trustworthy health information on the internet (3 documents)

These materials help consumers become involved in their health care by providing a guide to navigating online health information along with lists of trustworthy websites.


Topic 3: Understanding the basics of health care quality (5 documents)

These materials introduce consumers to the concepts of good quality care and the role of medical research in finding out which types of care work best. They provide resources for finding information about health care quality and present examples of how people can use this information


Topic 4: Choosing quality health care and making wise use of health care dollars (4 documents)

These materials cover some of the most challenging issues to talk to consumers about. They build on the information in other topics, emphasizing the importance of getting good quality health care, but also helping consumers understand how to get the right amount of health care to ensure wise use of health care dollars.