Topic 4: Getting good quality care


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Making wise use of money spent on health care: Let's put quality first


Briefly discusses quality of health care and how it varies. Explains how spending money on poor quality care hurts employees and hurts the company. Invites employees to join with the company in putting quality first as a way to help keep health care spending under control without sacrificing quality of care. (7 pages)


To get better health care, be informed and involved


Explains three ways employees can help safeguard the quality of their health care. This includes being better informed, becoming more involved in making health care decisions, and managing their health. Discusses ways to help prevent medication mistakes. (4 pages)


Tips for getting the care that works best for your condition


Describes findings from studies that show how people do not always receive the care that works best. Gives tips on what employees can do to help make sure they are getting the best care. Includes an example of using medical research findings to find the best treatment for a back injury. Discusses the relationship between cost and quality of care. (3 pages)


Tips for getting the right amount of care (as much care as you need but no unnecessary care)


Defines the “right amount” of care. Explains how getting as much care as you need is crucial to good health. Gives tips on getting the most effective care and the right amount of care (not too much and not too little). (3 pages)


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