Topic 3: Understanding the basics of health care quality


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Good quality health care: What it is and why you can’t take it for granted


Defines “good quality” care. Explains how studies show that quality care varies and therefore quality cannot be taken for granted. Discusses what health care providers and employers are doing to help safeguard and improve quality of care.
(3 pages)


How do we know which types of health care work best?


Tells how medical research is done to find out which types of care work best. Explains how research evidence can be used to set standards for quality of care. Discusses how health care providers can use quality standards as guidelines for good patient care. (7 pages)


Information about health care quality: What it is and where to find it


Describes different sources of information about health care quality. Suggests general strategies for finding information about quality. Includes links to other resources. (7 pages)


How you can use information about health care quality to get better care: Seven examples


Vignettes and links that show how people can use information about quality. (8 pages)


Quality health care: What it is and how to make sure you are getting it


One-page overview of what it means to get quality health care. Contains four tips to help people make sure they are getting quality health care. (1 page)


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