Topic 5: Understanding your health care costs


All materials can be customized to fit your organization’s brand and needs. Read Customizing the Materials in Topic 5 (PDF).

All materials can be customized to fit your organization’s brand and needs. Learn how.


Tackling the High Costs of Your Health Care: What You and ABC Toy Company Can Do About It


Communicates two key messages to employees: (1) that employees and employers share the burden of health care costs and face similar challenges when making difficult trade-offs, and (2) that both employers and employees can take steps to better manage the costs of care while still ensuring access to high-quality care. (3 pages)


You May Not Get What You Pay For: How to Be an Informed Health Care Consumer


Discusses how health care prices can vary. Explains that the price of health care doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of that care. Encourages employees to be “informed consumers,” just as they are for other major expenditures in their lives. (2 pages)


Figuring Out What Health Care Will Cost You


Discusses ways to get information on the costs of care from insurers and online sources in order to help make informed choices. (2 pages)


Talking About the Cost of Care With Your Doctor


Discusses how to start a conversation with doctors about the cost of care and includes three important questions that employees should ask every time they get care. (2 pages)


Getting High-Quality Care and Managing Your Costs: Stories About Shopping for the Health Care That Is Best for You


Two stories that illustrate the types of choices that many health care consumers face and the steps they can take to make the decisions that are right for them. (PowerPoint presentation)