About the Communication Toolkit


What is the Communication Toolkit?

The Communication Toolkit is designed to help organizations like yours (employers, health care purchasers, insurers, health plans, and others) communicate with employees or members about getting good quality health care, making better health care decisions, and being informed and engaged in their health and health care.

The Toolkit contains materials that are designed to be given to employees or members along with guidance for organizations about how to effectively use the materials. The materials for employees or members consist of 16 documents, grouped into four topic areas:

How to use the materials contains step-by-step information and practical tips designed to help organizations understand how to best use and distribute the communication materials.

Who developed the Communication Toolkit?

The Communication Toolkit was created with funding from the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF). The American Institutes for Research (AIR) developed and maintains the Toolkit. The National Business Group on Health (NBGH) hosted the original Toolkit website. Learn more about the team.

How can the Communication Toolkit help you?

Employers and other purchasers of health care benefits have a critical stake in communicating information to employees and members about choosing good quality care, managing their lifestyle, and making wise use of health care resources. The Communication Toolkit helps you do this.

The Toolkit helps you communicate confidently and effectively with your employees or members.

The materials were developed with input from key stakeholders (employers, unions, purchasers, consumers) and have been tested extensively. This helps you avoid pitfalls when communicating about potentially sensitive topics like health care quality, personal responsibility, and the wise use of resources.

The Toolkit gives you a head start in communicating.

There’s no need to develop materials from scratch. The Toolkit also contains real-world guidance and tips based on the experience of other organizations that have used the Toolkit.

The Communication Materials are flexible – and easy to adapt and use.

The materials can be used in many ways to fit your communication goals, employee or member population, and available resources. You can share the materials with your employees or members “as is” or adapt them to fit your organization’s specific needs. Learn more about using the materials, including practical suggestions to help you get started.